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Seafarers’ Day: ‘Training Needed For Greener Shipping, Other Innovations’

Seafarers’ Day: ‘Training Needed For Greener Shipping, Other Innovations’

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Summary : Worried by the rapid technological changes in shipping and calls for greener shipping, Women’s International Shipping and Trading Association (WISTA) Nigeria has outlined the need for requisite training of Nigerian seafarers. The president of WISTA Nigeria, Dr. Odunayo Ani made this call in a statement in commemoration of the Day of Seafarers celebrated globally on June 25th as designated by the International Maritime Organization (IMO). Ani, who is also a Deputy Director/ Head of Internal Audit at the Nigerian Maritime Administration and Safety Agency (NIMASA), stressed that the maritime industry is undergoing rapid transformations and Nigerian seafarers should be trained to favourably compete with their contemporaries. Giving an analysis of the 2024 theme: “Navigating the Future: Safety First,” the WISTA Nigeria President noted that ‘safety first’ connotes an action of protection. Her words, “Safety First is a principle that must guide our every action. The safety of our seafarers is predominant. It begins with rigorous training and adherence to international safety standards and includes the continuous improvement of safety protocols, maintenance of our ships, and the health and wellbeing of crew members.” “We must invest in comprehensive training programs that keep our seafarers up-to-date with the latest technologies and safety practices. Continuous learning and development are vital in navigating the future.” “The well-being of our seafarers is crucial. We must ensure that they have access to proper medical care, mental health support, and adequate rest. Remember, a healthy crew is a safe crew!” Meanwhile, she opined that as the world integrates new technologies, emphasis must be on safety even as advanced systems should enhance the ability to predict and respond to hazards, not replace the essential human oversight and experience that are critical in times of crisis. “As we celebrate Seafarers’ Day, let us honour your invaluable contributions. Let us recognise your courage, your expertise, and your unwavering commitment to safety. You are the pioneers navigating the future of maritime industry, and it is our duty to support you in every possible way.” “To our seafarers, we thank you for your dedication and service. You are the true navigators of our future, and with safety as our compass, there are no seas we cannot conquer. Happy Seafarers’ Day,” she added (LEADERSHIP)

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